Ducati 900 Liengme

Bevel Ducati – from the racing department to the road.

The bevel Ducati managed to dethrone the nippy Japanese armada at the first attempt. The crown thus went to what was then the highlight of Italian motorbike engineering, the Ducati 900. 

Yves Liengme was a quiet, clean and meticulous Ducati tuner from Switzerland. A corophae in his field. 

The Liengme Ducatis stand out for their looks and technical perfection, true to his credo: «I actually only modify the machines as they should be from the factory.» 

Liengme’s Ducatis are the most beautiful in my eyes. The tank and seat are not in the fashionable square tank-seat design – but round and dynamic. Just as Italian shapes should be. That’s why the Liengme design captivates with soft and round lines.


History of this bike

I found this bike as a Ducati 900 S2, which I don’t like visually (sorry Ducatistis!) – not at all.

This angular and clunky design – not appropriate, as I think, for an Italian graceful motorbike with such a beautiful bevel engine.

So I took a closer look at Ducatis and came across the Master Liengme, who had his meticulously clean workshop only a few kilometres away from me. For me, it was a good opportunity to take a closer look into it. The wonderful shapes and the geographical proximity finally persuaded me to go for the Liengme rebuild.

It was important to me to take this geographical proximity into consideration in the entire rebuilding process. So the fairing, seat and tank were handmade by a fibreglass guru in eastern Switzerland. The beautiful «Phonos» rear silencers, which were designed by Liengme at that time, were made by hand at the same small workshop as in those days. A highlight for me is the leather seat. The leather seat made by Raphaela, on which every single stitch is pushed through the leather by hand.

Incredible – you have to see it live. 

After many evenings, nights, weekends months she was then done.